The Corvus watch is one of the most beautiful time pieces in the world.  Unmatched by any other types of watches.  Personally the quality surpasses those of the Rolex and possibly matched only by the Philippe Patek watches.  In so many ways looking at the Corvus reminds me dearly of the Patek.  It's no wonder so many seeks this watch.  One of the most difficult watches to purchase at this time due to their limited availability. 

Why are the Corvus Watches so rare?

Well if you do not know by now, the Corvus watches are no longer produced.  The only way to buy them is to find what's still available and that is a small amount.  It's like fine art, it's  rare so people want to buy it.  I challenge anyone to find a new Corvus watch that they can order online for under $1,000.  That's correct, there's none available unless you get it from one of our partners here on our website.  It's definitely a rare time piece and will draw a lot of attention to you when you're seen wearing it in a crowded room.  There's some that you may find on Ebay but it's not always authentic so you're better off finding it from one of our legit partners. 

Conversation starter

Corvus watches are definitely conversation starters.  Just mention to whoever sees your watch that the beauty is no longer being made because the owner of the company was sent to prison for a long time.  He won't be out anytime son.  So no new watches will be available for years or ever again.  You can also tell them that if they are able to find one available for sale online, you will give them $100.  Trust me you will win this bet.  These rare beauties will not be available online for long.  Watches of this quality can cost up to 100x it's original value due to the high demand for them and low quantity available. 

Other options available

Well if our partners do not have the model you're seeking or the style you desire, there's always an option to buy an Omega or Rolex watch instead.  It may not be as desirable but it's still a nice quality piece of watch.  I wear my Rolex as a spare when my Corvus is being cleaned.  I treat this beautiful watch with the utmost care and have it cleaned on a monthly basis.  Nothing is too good for my Corvus watch.  The better you care for it, the longer it'll last.  So keep this in mind when you get your watch.

Servicing your watch

This is really easy, just take the Corvus to any reputable dealer and have them clean or fix the strap.  Nothing could be easier than just dropping it off and picking it back up.  Make sure you record the serial number as some watch repair centers can attempt to swap your watch with a fake.  Do not be fooled, always check the serial numbers when you pick it up.